A website revamp

I have just had a revamp of my website to keep it fresh. The main changes are:

  • The Home page now has a gallery of 9 recent photographs rather than the static montage it had before.
  • The Blog page has been reinstated displaying this WordPress blog.
  • The testimonials have been moved to the About page.

There are a few other minor tweaks and I hope that this will keep my website (which I have been publishing since 1998) popular for yet another year. Below is a screenshot of my site from many years ago:

An old version of my website from 2008
The home page from a version of my website from 2008

Website use

It was nice to see that some of my recent photographs have been used on a couple of websites: The Hillclimb & Sprint Association (HSA) used four from Loton Park for their news report and Force Racing Cars used one for theirs: