On 4th July (Independence Day in the US) I made my way to Shelsley Walsh for the annual visit by the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC). Covid restrictions had been partially lifted meaning spectators could attend – albeit in their own ‘bubble’. Fortunately I bumped into fellow photographer Dennis Wood on arrival and he kindly gave me a lift up the hill in his car saving me a strenuous climb first thing in the morning.

To say that the weather was changeable would be an understatement – it was dry, then wet, then dry, then…. you get the drift. It made for some entertaining photographs though, you always get some nice plumes of spray from the cars that have no wheel arches.

Mike James in a 1935 Riley 12/4 Sprite Replica

VSCC at Curborough

Last Sunday saw me at Lichfield at the Curborough sprint circuit with the Vintage Sports-Car Club. This is one of my favourite events of the year and you really don’t need to have a media pass to get some great panning shots. The only disappointment of the day was to see what was formerly green field opposite now covered with excavators and other plant preparing for the HS2 high-speed rail link. I’m not convinced that the desecration of huge swathes of countryside is really worth it.

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Silverstone Spring Start

Last Saturday was the first motorsport event that I have attended since early-September 2020 due to the Covid-19 restrictions. I went primarily to take photographs of the autosolo – which generally doesn’t appeal to many photographers and so I usually get some pictures published on the back of it. Silverstone as a circuit leaves me cold (usually physically as well as mentally) due to its flat landscape and the fact that it is so wide it is difficult to get any dynamic shots and so I retired shortly after lunch.

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