A few more

Here are three more images from my recent visit to the Victorian Town museum. There are plenty more to look at yet but I’m taking my time and going through them slowly. I took over 200 shots in 3 hours and so I am now seriously thinking of buying the annual ‘museum passport’ which would allow me unlimited access. It’s £29 for the year for all the museums – but when you think that it’s £20 for a day ticket just for the Victorian Town it seems like a bargain. I just need to judge the best time to buy it to get the most out of it.

Day at the museum

Every once-in-a-while the nearby attraction “Blists Hill Victorian Town” opens its doors for free for local residents to visit and see what it offers. I last went a number of years ago and it was only relatively recently I recounted to a colleague that these ‘open days’ used to occur. It was coincidental therefore that last Monday I became aware that it was happening again and so on Saturday I made the one mile trip to the venue for a photographic morning.

The main reason for my visit was to take some background and texture shots to use in my forthcoming still-life project. Images of some of the attractions such as shops and toolrooms to act as a backdrop and textures such as timber cladding, brickwork and iron plates. It was good to go with a purpose but with the added benefit of taking some atmospheric Autumnal shots should they manifest themselves. I was aware that all of the entrance allowance had been taken up and so it was likely to be crowded; I therefore made sure I was early (doors opened at 10am) and that I was travelling relatively light so that I could squeeze in to tight spaces when required.

All-in-all a great morning out. I was there for over 3 hours and managed to take a good quantity of images that I can use. Here is one of my favourites: