VSCC ticket arrives

My complementary media ticket to this weekends Vintage Sports-Car Club ‘short’course’ at Prescott arrived yesterday. The short course is so-named because it excludes the Ettores loop and so follows the original line of the track (the Ettores loop was added later in 1960). The ‘long course’ event (which includes the Ettores loop) takes place later in the year at the end of September.

Champion day

Another round of the British Hillclimb Championship took place at Prescott in Gloucestershire last weekend. I was there on the Sunday and had a ‘champion’ day. Not sure why but I felt really on-the-ball and, even though I say so myself, the photographs reflect it. It had some exciting, and very close, top-12 run-offs which made a very interesting end to the morning and afternoon sessions. It was good to see that the public were allowed in and it certainly gave a better atmosphere to the proceedings even though the crowd was quite small, possibly due to the poor weather forecasted throughout the previous week (which didn’t materialise). I’m now looking forwards to the next local championship round at Shelsley Walsh in August.

The Hillclimb & Sprint Association (HSA) have already used four of my photographs on their website.

Richard Spedding in the second Top 12 run-off

Hill climb at Prescott

Last Sunday I took a trip down to Gloucestershire to the Prescott hill climb venue for their first event of the year. Originally it was planned to be the opening round of the British Hillclimb Championship but the continued Covd-19 lockdown rules in Scotland and Wales meant it would have been unfair to start the championship with those affected unable to attend. Thus it was a lower-key affair albeit with a huge entry which meant the first runs hadn’t finished until nearly 2pm – much to the annoyance of the marshals who only had about 20 minutes of their usual hours lunch break.

Check out the gallery here.