Some new camera gear

For some time now I’ve been pondering whether or not to upgrade my studio camera (a 35mm equivalent DSLR). And now I’ve done it – and purchased a medium format body & lens.

Medium format cameras have long been used by professional photographers mainly for landscape and studio work and the perceived benefits have been the subject of great debate on internet forums – even more-so with the advent of mirrorless cameras. The main selling point of medium format is, or course, the size of the photosites on the (larger) sensor that capture those all-important megapixels. The bigger the photosites, the more light (or data) the sensor collects.

There are those that say that medium format has a ‘look’ that makes it distinctive and refer to aesthetic qualities such as depth-of-field, sharpness and colour – but this is all subjective and is difficult to prove given the inherent variations in comparative camera systems.

This is all something that I’ll be investigating over the coming months. I have used 35mm cameras (film followed by digital) ever since I first became seriously interested in photography back in my teens. Medium format, because of the relative expense of the systems, was just a dream. Now its time to fulfil that dream and I’ll be reporting back with my thoughts.

First shot out of the camera 1/320s, f/4.5, ISO2500

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