British Hillclimb Championship at Shelsley Walsh

I paid a visit to Shelsley Walsh on Sunday as they hosted a round of the British Hillclimb Championship. Spectators were allowed in once again, albeit in their own ‘bubble’. Shelsley is fortunate in that it is relatively easy for them to create bubbles, with spectators on the right-hand side of the track and competitors and officials on the left. For photographers it does limit the vantage points and so we all end up taking pretty much the same photographs – and it limits how often we can move around because we are on a live track most of the time.

This became more apparent halfway through the morning when I had a telephone call saying that my electronic sign-on wasn’t registered and so I had to ‘immediately’ leave trackside to sign on in the office. At that time I was halfway up the hill at Bottom Ess and had no way of getting down quickly (the footpath was in the other bubble). Fortunately the marshals came to my aid and during the next batch change one of them drove me down in the pick-up. I thought that I was then resigned to spending the rest of the morning at the bottom of the hill but David Lowe (one of the commentators) was heading up the hill at the next opportunity and kindly agreed to take me back up in his Porsche. So I ended up with an impromptu hill climb experience thanks to the kindness of the marshals & officials.

With regards to the competition itself it was a very enjoyable day. It was wet in the morning but dried out considerably from lunchtime onwards and I certainly felt as though my mojo had returned and the photographs reflect it.

Check out the gallery here.

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